Time To Trade In!

Rhema attended the Ambucs Bike Day Rodeo and test drove a new bike.  She stole the show and shocked everyone with her strength!  Everyone was SO VERY nice to Rhema and they were very helpful in talking through all the aspects of the bikes.  The representative said that he was concerned that Rhema was still pretty small and could maybe stay in the bike she has now for several more months and I explained that the length was not the concern, rather it is the weight of the frame.  (Rhema peddles so fast and is so strong that she is tipping over in her current baby bike and has almost “tasted asphalt” once too many times for Momma’s comfort.)  There was much discussion between the PT and the representative that such a little girl might not be able to move the heavy frame of the next-sized-up bike, but I just smiled and said to let her test drive it and see.  I KNOW my girl and I KNEW she would surprise them if given a chance.  They both graciously agreed to let her try and pulled the bike out for a test drive.  The PT was on the floor behind Rhema and the coordinator had his foot placed in front of her front tire– I thought to myself, “this will be funny if she does what I think she will do…”   They got her strapped in and helmeted-up and the brake was disengaged;  I smiled at Rhema and said, “hey, Rhema, chase me?”  This is the phrase that we use at home; Rhema smiled and backed up running into the PT, charged forward running over the representative’s foot twice with her tires and kept on going!  (Don’t worry, no one was hurt; she is pretty teeny still and the bike is tricycle sized.  LOL)

The on-lookers were aghast as Rhema peddled so fast that she even rocked the frame of this new, heavier bike as she zoomed across the conference room floor!  I grabbed the handle on the back of the bike, lifted the front tire up and she was still peddling in the air; I turned her around, set her down and she zoomed back towards the shocked rep. and PT!  Yep, that’s my girl!!!  Everyone said they were so surprised to see “that little thing” be able to move so quickly!  Before we left Bike Day, Rhema must have raced back and forth in that conference room 20 times!  Needless to say, Rhema will be getting a new bike soon; one that meets her current needs and level of ability.

We are so grateful to AMBUCS for helping children, like our Rhema, be able ride a bike no matter their physical challenges.  As a parent of a Special Need’s child, I’m very happy that my daughter will never have to utter the phrase “I was never able to ride a bike due to my Spina Bifida”; this will just never be something she has to say!  That is priceless!  Thank you, infinity and beyond, AMBUCS for what you’ve done to enrich my daughter’s health and childhood experience!  We are truly blessed!