Yea!  We Are Here!

We so prayed that the rain would hold off until we could get all the wagons and toys inside, and Praise God, not one drop of rain fell until we were departing the parking garage to head home!

Funny story, my father drove the truck with the wagons and he told me that while passing through a town a man gestured to him to roll down his window and then asked him where was he taking ALL those wagons.  My dad replied that they were headed to Children’s hospital and that the man smiled ear to ear and said, “Yes, that’s what I thought you would say; that is great!”  LOL!

When we arrived, our team worked diligently to unload all twelve wagons and all the toys!

Jocelyn and Caroline set up all the toys in the wagons!

Here is the 2013 Rhema Miracle Outreach Team!

All the team members who were present, for our “Show Some Love” Outreach Day, donned their Rhema Miracle shirts for this festive occasion!

We had a wonderful time and are already making plans for next year!!!!