Rhema enjoyed sitting in her car, just watching a movie….

As I worked at my computer, a few feet way from her, she looked so happy just pushing all car’s funny buttons and watching her movie!

I kept thinking, where are the roller skating waitresses with the food trays to attach to her little car?

She would have ordered, “Elmo and “bird” Crackers, juice and Isa-kcreem”  I’m sure. 🙂

And if she would have gotten a food tray at this “drive in”, my little lady can say “Thanks and Your Welcome”!

She doesn’t know WHEN to say them…. but at least she CAN now say them….

These are the precious moments and memories I treasure of my Rhema….I’m glad to share them with all of you….

Blessings to all our friends and family who pray!  Have a wonderful weekend!