Rhema is looking forward to meeting the Civitan Club this month.  We have not met the Civitan group yet, and we are hoping this will be the month we meet all her new friends.  They are the group that “adopted” our Rhema and are providing for her Hippo therapy sessions.  What an amazing outpouring of love from a group of folks, who’ve never even met us or our Rhema, to bless our little family in such a huge way!  Rhema has had 4 sessions of Hippo therapy and already, we see the benefits.  She appears to have better balance, is stronger and has more strength in her legs, i.e. the “pulling up on the bed” post we did recently.

Rhema’s therapist is adding more and more therapy moves into her riding time and Rhema just takes it all in stride.  I’ve got a video that I will post where you can see them doing therapy on her legs while she is riding the horse.  Rhema smiles and laughs as they count out the leg lifts.

We are working very hard on her becoming more verbal as she rides.  When the horse stops we are working on her saying “go” to get the horse to begin walking again.  She can say “go” any other place, but while on the horse, she is very quite.



The last two sessions, she has appeared somewhat tentative when we put her on the horse.  I don’t think she is scared, she just acts nervous for some reason.  I’m hoping she is going through a “clingy” phase like most kids her age; time will tell if she shifts back out of these behaviors.  She will ride the horse, but lately she tends to want to be held and then when placed on the horse, she hunches over more than she did the first few sessions.

We are keeping an eye on this latest change of behavior, but for now, we are not concerned with it… just watching and waiting to see if it changes.  All in all, Rhema is doing great with her therapy and we feel VERY blessed that she has this opportunity! 🙂