The Beach!

While we were near the beach for Aquatic Therapy we took Rhema to the beach one day!  She was so excited to see the sand and the water!

She crawled all over the sand and loved to play in the surf! Rhema still puts everything in her mouth (all the time) so keeping shells, sand and other various items from finding their way into her mouth was a full time job! LOL!  However, she loved crawling all over so I just followed her along.

I tried the taping of her feet and ankles for protection but only after about 10 minutes in the water the tape was unraveling.   I’m going to have to just research this more to see what other moms do to help protect their kid’s feet that nerve damage/lack of sensation and no muscle tone.  I was able to keep her from twisting them too bad.  I just had to hover and watch her like a hawk to keep her little tootsies safe.