Watch this AMAZING video caught with daddy’s cell phone as Rhema kicks her legs and feet like a ballerina while Papa Godwin gives her a bottle.  This was the first time we were able to hold her since birth and we were told this would not be possible!

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  1. Daronda

    I must say, this video made me cry from sheer thankfulness. How great is our God! I am so relieved that you are able to hold her now. 🙂 That should bring about some significant security and bonding for all of you. Praise God. Rhema looks fantastic. Can’t wait to see you guys together at church. That will be one day of celebration for sure. Keep dancing Rhema!!! Now, Mom and Dad, if Rhema ever asks you if she can go to a prom with someone, just remember this day and be thankful (even if you tell her, “Of course, you can not to go to a prom with that guy!.) 🙂

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