….That’s Where I Will Always Love You…”

My sneaky folks took this picture while Rhema was sick and I feel asleep in the chair with her.  This was the day before the big sick day, but Rhema was already feeling peeked.  The picture is not very flattering of me, however it really captures the essence of us.

Really the essence of all momma’s who love a good cuddle with their child.  No make-up, no time to fix one’s hair, no time really for one’s self, but all the time in the world to cuddle a child who is not feeling well.  LIFE, ie. dishes, laundry, cleaning, phones, email, texts, posts, etc…. YOU have to wait–my baby girl needs me now.  These are the moments, I cherish with my Rhema; knowing all too well time is fleeting.  Soon, she may not want to cuddle as much anymore and my arms will ache in memory of these times we had together.

I post this to hopefully give some momma’s who stumble upon this not-so-great picture of me and my most beautiful child a moment of reflection.  Have you cuddled your child today?  Have you had a long lingering hug, looked into his or her eyes and said those powerful words I. Love. You.?  If not, walk away now and do it….catch them now as they run by you reading this on your phone or computer.  You will be glad you did.  So will they, even if they do not tell you so.  Children are a gift from the Lord so open your gift today–now….. no time like the PRESENT!  Amen?