Uncle Mike Thanksgiving NOv 2014 SNAG-0004Uncle Mike Rocks!

So, it’s become a tradition– Thanksgiving = Bounce House!  Actually, Thanksgiving+ Bounce House + Gigantic Slide= Smiles All Around!

Many thanks to Uncle Mike and Aunt Heather for continuing the tradition of the Bounce House for Andrew’s Birthday and Thanksgiving festivities.

Rhema LOVED LOVED LOVED the “Castle” Bounce House and we all bounced until we were bounced-out!

It was pretty cold outside and the wind blowing did not help, but that does not deter “professional” Bounce House participants.  LOL!

Rhema Thanksgiving Jumping good2 Nov 2014 SNAG-0012And bounce Up!

Rhema Thanksgiving Jumping good Nov 2014 SNAG-0011And DOWN!

Rhema Jumping Blur Thanksgiving Nov 2014 SNAG-0013Then Repeat!

Goooooood Times!