Thanksgiving upclose Nov 2013 SNAG-0000Lunch With My Family!

All day I’ve read wonderful, uplifting posts from family, friends and some complete strangers, ALL saying what they are thankful for on this the “thankful-giving” Holiday.  It’s been so sweet to read everyone’s comments and I join them in remembering ALL that we have to be thankful for.  Everyone would become old and grey reading all that I could write about concerning what I’m thankful for…so I will give you my short list.  First, I’m thankful for my Savior, Jesus, (if you’ve not yet met Him I’d love to introduce you sometime…He’s a definitely a Guy to know)— without Him I’d be….well, lets just say you’d probably not want me on your friends list.  He is everything that is good about me and even loves me when I’m not “good” like I should be.  How many folks can you say that about?

I digress….. I’m thankful for my precious hubby of (yikes) 13 YEARS!!!  Wow!  Thirteen years and STILL the love of my life!  I’m thankful for my children: Steven, Matthew & Rhema.  Steven and Matthew are my step-boys, but have never felt “step-ish” to me; they have been and always will be my precious boys, gifts from the Lord, that keep a special place in my heart, no matter the distance or years.  And Rhema, she’s of course my little Princess.  The little “pink” Princess I prayed, waited and finally came into my life three years ago.  Daily she is my constant joy!

And lastly, I’m thankful for the support from our family, church family, friends and our Rhema’s extensive care/medical team.  Everyone one, from Papa Gida who provide so much for our little family, to our church family who cover us in prayer and support, to every member of Rhema’s Care Team,  you ALL are a constant blessing and keep our little world spinning.  YOU are our life-lines, our shoulder to cry on, the very manner of which we get through each moment of our days…..  Our lives are the better because we have you and Rhema is truly a VERY, BLESSED little girl!!