Rhema & family wants to thank Red Elephant Pizza and Grill for hosting a fund-raising day for her physical therapy fund!  Also, special thanks to our friends at Ricky Stokes who helped advertise the event!

Our family took over 15 people to eat with us and had such a fun time of fellowship together.  While we were there, so many folks came in for “The Rhema Miracle” fund-raiser which was such a HUGE Blessing!  We got to visit with all of them and express our gratitude for their support.

A Note From Mommy:  I cannot express in words the amazing feeling of thankfulness, as well as sadness, that floods my heart to see folks come out to support my Rhema.  It is a mixed bag of emotion: sadness from the realization of why we are having an event and thankfulness from realizing that we are not alone on this journey.  My internal battle/goal is to not focus on the sadness, rather to focus on the positive things like the love I feel from our family and friends and the thankfulness I feel as I scan all the caring faces who come out to support us.

Today was especially hard to fight the sadness and fear that attempted to clutch my heart–AS I WAS DRIVING to the Red Elephant, my phone rang and it was Rhema’s physical therapy’s book keeper, Mrs. Karen, who informed me that we have one more session left with Rhema’s Lindsay Foundation grant money.  She asked me were we working on alternate funds and fund raisers to help pick up by the middle of October.  Ahhhh!  Some days the reality of this journey slaps me in the face – – – this “lunch” at Red Elephant I was headed to was not a lunch out with the gals, it was an event that needed to be successful for my Precious, my Heart, my baby Rhema.  So, to see all the smiling faces greeting us when we arrived really was overwhelming.  God is SO GOOD!

I wanted to add this personal note to this post, to give insight to our heart– when we say we are “thankful” it’s not a cliche or just something we are supposed to say.  We are truly thankful for each an every prayer, smile, hug, encouraging word/note; they help us fight our fears and win those battles that rage between our ears and in our hearts.  And we are also immensely thankful for the financial support for Rhema to help her continue to succeed and thrive as she traverses this difficult road.  You just being HERE helps and for that we are eternally thankful.  Blessings to all our precious family and friends who pray….  Rhema’s Momma