Momma & Rhema Teeth Brushing June 2014 SNAG-0000Nightly Brushings Continue

Okay so we went for our second dentist trip and Rhema did okay until the nurse wanted to actually touch her teeth.  When we arrived they had her down for a “cleaning” and I explained to the lady that Rhema was just now letting ME brush her teeth daily without a huge fight.  We’d had a dialogue the last time saying that Rhema would have to be eased into all this and not pushed quickly into their routine visits.   I was doubtful that Rhema would cooperate, especially when the nurse pulled out the toothbrush that “hummed.” The lady was patient with Rhema, but I do not think she fully understood what I was trying to explain to her.  I asked them how did they handle kids with Autism and sensory issues and explained that much of Rhema’s issues were sensory related.  Rhema has always been a tentative kid and so combine that with her sensory issues with anything that hums, vibrates, makes sudden moments and noises — she was not having any of it!

So the dentist comes in and I’m trying to explain this to her and she corrects me by saying I should not to say these things in front of Rhema.  Now, I am with Rhema 24/7 & 365, do you honestly think I would say anything in front of her that would be detrimental?  I had chosen my words carefully and was trying to give the physician a crash-course in Rhema; I hate to be corrected by someone who I’ve met for all of 5 minutes! Ugh!  Later in the same conversation I used the word “shot” and she corrected me again and said I should not use that word in front of Rhema too.  I explained that Rhema did not even know that word, she’s never had a shot, but if Rhema knew that word and it would have upset her, I would have spelled it.  Double Ugh!

Rhema kept pointing to the door saying, “We go find other friends….I want to go…..I want to go to the door….”  Oh, this was a rough day.  So in the end, the dentist, nurse and I had to hold Rhema down so she could look at all her teeth at least once.  It’s never easy to hold your child down for a procedure.  I’ve had to do it too many times in Rhema’s short life.  Well, they found two beginning cavities so they must be addressed.  Since there was no way Rhema would allow this in-office, our only option is to take her to Children’s when they can put her to sleep, do her x-rays and then take care of the cavities, plus anything else they see.  Ugh, this was not what I wanted to hear.  We’ve not yet booked the procedure as we are getting ready for upcoming spina bifida clinic and will look at this dental issues after all that is behind us.

I share this “down” day with you all to ask for prayer for us and Rhema.  This is an new arena and we’ve got to search out and find the Lord’s provision for this issue.  We need wisdom and direction.  Also pray for Rhema to adjust to all this dental stuff.  The nurse gave Rhema a tooth mirror to take home, as the mirror was scary for Rhema too.  So, we have the mirror to begin using with her at home to get her better prepared for next visits.  Also, we went that same day to the store and bought a cheap, vibrating tooth brush to begin acclimating her.  I’ve shown it to her a few times and each time she freaks out and pushes it away;  I’m not even trying to get it into her mouth yet!  So, we’ve got our work cut out for us in taking care of her teeth.  It’s a simple thing, I know, but with ALL the medical stuff the kid’s been through, our goal is to minimize her trauma while keeping her moving forward.  We need creative ideas, inspiration, discernment and peace as we help her navigate all this.  Thank you for your prayers on this, you all are a blessing to our little family and to our Rhema!


Rhema’s Momma