Books Wrapped1 December 2013 SNAG-0007Fun For All & Therapy Too!

So, I saw this idea on facebook where a mom bought 25 books and opened one new one each night leading up to Christmas with their child.  I absolutely loved this idea and found a thrift shop where I could buy multiple books cheap and wrapped them up.  It is a win-win because I read books every night with Rhema, she loves to read, PLUS, we are working on her “un-wrapping” issues!  It is an OT exercise dream!  I do not have enough books, but hope to find some more later on to help fill in some days.  Thus far we’ve opened several books, even while on our road trip, and she is progressing slowly, but surely.  It would be great if by Christmas she would open some presents on her own!  How great would that be?  It may be a lofty goal, but I know Rhema can get there….. Until then, I’m really happy with the fun that this has brought to our nighttime reading routine!  I encourage any momma to try this too– it’s loads of fun and very educational!