Rhema in the dugout waiting to bat for the Tot’s Blue Team!

Rhema has had two T-Ball games thus far and is doing really well with it.  She is on the “Tot’s Team” which is for children 2-5 years of age.  Rhema plays in style with her newly painted OttoBock, painted pink of course, with her new custom made waterproof cushion covers, which are pink too!  We would like to express many thanks to our friend Mr. Durwood for spray painting Rhema’s second hand Ottobock to give it some pizazz and to Keith at J & J Trim shop for donating the custom pads to complete the makeover!  Rhema looks so precious rounding the bases in her refurbished ride!

I was pleasantry surprised with how Rhema did with all the noise and organized chaos at her first game.  She has displayed some sensory issues thus far in her development and by involving her in sports we hope to give opportunity for her to work through these issues.  I am with her at all times to help her process all the loud noises and to help her reengage when she withdraws.  During her first game, much to my surprise, she only withdrew and hid her face in her hands only half the time.   She even allowed me to gently remove her hands from her face and refocus on things I pointed out, for example, I would ask her “where is the ball?” and she reengaged and looked towards the ball.  Toward the end of her first game she even sat upright in her chair, pointed and yelled “its a ball!”  I could not believe it!  Also, when we rounded the bases, I pointed out the squares/bases and by the end of the first game she would sit upright and look down and point as we rounded the bases.

Rhema’s second game went even better; she withdrew and hid only a quarter of the time!  She was much more engaged, really seemed to take in all the sites and sounds around her and talked much more.  When we went up to bat she still would not hold the bat, but she pointed to it and talked about it.  When we rounded the bases she sat upright and counted each square/base and when we were fielding the ball, she held the ball once.  She still won’t give “high fives” after the game, but she did watch all the kids giving “fives” instead of hiding like she did the first game.

We are so happy with her progress!!  Our goal is just to give opportunity for her to grow past, if possible, these sensory issues she has displayed and in a fun, kid centric environment.  Rhema’s personality is very cautious and laid back;  she prefers to observe, think about what she’s observed and then if she thinks it’s okay she will do or try it.  Some folks have tried to label her as stubborn, but that is not a label I would give her.  There may be some stubborn in there, (due to her genes-ha ha ha) but my gut tells me that is not the root cause of her delays/hesitancy.   Overall we are VERY happy with how she is doing with her first T-Ball experience and look forward to the remaining four games of the season.