Tball Fall Septmeber 2013 SNAG-0007

Rhema is able to participate in the Miracle League’s Fall T ball games due to surgery being postponed!

Rhema is always so excited as we head to her games and talks all about holding the bat and throwing the ball, but when we arrive she tends to withdraw.  We feel her withdrawal is related to her sensory issues.  She is not upset or fussy, just will not do the things she jabbered on about while riding over there!  It’s really, truth be told, a little upsetting to me.  This year she will not hold the ball or the bat yet, but will self-propel around the field sometimes.  We do not pressure her in a negative way, but we do push her and give opportunities for her to participate.  Our hope is that she will eventually graduate out of  this inability to participate and progress toward truly interacting with her peers and have fun.  So, we remain hopeful, encouraging and will continue to provide opportunities for her to progress and work through her sensory issues.