Rhema’s Aquatic Therapy Class

This week was the beginning of Rhema’s Aquatic Therapy class!  The word LOVE does not begin to describe her feeling toward swimming! LOL!  Words like infatuated and adulated more describes her LOVE of swimming and the water!  Her first day eased her into the other kids in the pool and her becoming accustomed to Coach Sharon (her therapist) working with her.  Really after the first ten minutes she relaxed and she began pushing me away so she could swim without anyone holding on to her.

She loves her “frog swimie” and she is completely comfortable swimming on her own with it.  I do not let her get more than a few feet away and I stay where I can see her face 100% of the time.  If I try to hold on to her she pushed my hands away! LOL!  Yes, she is Miss Independent in the water!