Who knew she is a fish?!

Rhema was beginning Aquatic Therapy so I wanted to take her to a pool prior to her first day of therapy to acclimate her to the water again.  She LOVED IT!  Rhema’s comments went like this, “A POOL!  I want swim….in the water…I want to HOLD IT…the pool….In the water!!”  She did not hesitate and when I would put her on the step to sit I had to watch her body language because at anytime she would lunge off the step toward me back into the water!  The most amazing thing was the way she kicked her legs; I laid her on her back and she would reciprocal kick from one end of the pool to the other!!!  Amazing!!!

Here she is at her first day of Aquatic Therapy!

Her buddy, Mrs. Lisa, was very surprised as well how Rhema kicked her feet!  I was concerned for half a second, when Rhema got into the warm water she said “all done! Out!”, but once we talked to her that this was a pool and she can splash and kick her smile came back and she relaxed.  Rhema “swam” for an hour and really did AMAZING for her first day!

Adding Aquatic therapy now is another effort we are making to strengthen Rhema’s legs and torso in preparation for her surgery in the fall.  This therapy takes us 45 minutes from home so yes, we now drive weekly to three therapies: Her PT is 1 1/2 hours away, her Hippo-therapy is 40 minutes away, and her Aquatic therapy is 45 minutes away!   I guess our theme song would be that old country hit “On The Road Again…”  LOL!  Our Rhema’s health is paramount and all these efforts we make give her opportunity to be an “ambulator” and not be “bound” to a wheelchair.  We are not in denial and know that she will have times that a wheelchair is best, but our goal is to help her find her capabilities and then to support and build on those capabilities.  We are so pleased that she LOVES the water and feel confident that swimming will be a HUGE part of her life for health and recreation.