Let There Be Ducks!

Rhema loved swimming with all the toys during Aquatic Therapy.  Her favorite were all the ducks!  This duck pictured above was tethered to a thermometer, but Rhema still loved swimming over to see the “duck with the numbers”.  LOL!  The other ducks were for play and belonged to her Coach Sharon; those ducks she played with all over the pool!

This picture is a bit blurry, but I was just so proud to get a picture of Rhema blowing bubbles!  This new “trick” took over a week to get her to do!  The amazing thing is that she will not only put just her mouth into the water and blow, but will do her nose too!  Her Coach said that is huge and was very proud of Rhema’s bravery.

By the second week of Aquatic Therapy, Rhema no longer fussed when we left the pool.  She would let us wrap her up in her towel and would just talk and talk about everything she wanted to talk about.  We are so blessed that Rhema is so easy going and adapts to change well!  My mom made the comment that for all the change and travel in Rhema’s schedule, she remains calm and just rolls with what’s going on.  This comment really gave me pause and opportunity to be thankful for this gift Rhema has been given by the Lord.

Yes, our little fabulous, fishy Princess is truly a blessing!