Rhema & Sanako SISTERS Pic Aug 2014 SNAG-0009Besties

What a blessing it is to have these two little Princesses in each-others lives!  Just yesterday they actually told me that they were “sisters” not cousins.  Rhema just looked at this picture on my screen and said, “that’s sisters.”  I am tearing up just thinking about this.  Rhema has two wonderful older brothers that she does not get to see much; they are so wonderful with her.  I wish she could have more time with them.

For now we love, love,  LOVE the times these two “sisters” (cousins) have with one another.  We are moving into a season where they get (as a minimum) 2 hours a week together to work on academic goals and crafts.  They do so well with one another as we go through the Pre-K and Kindergarten materials.  I think they will learn from watching one another and the love for learning will be infectious!

I am immensely happy that they have each other and I pray daily that their bond will only strengthen and grow through the years.  They are so darn cute together!!!!