Rhema Pointing Dec 2013 SNAG-0000Hey You, Pray For Me January 20th!

Okay, folks, we have a date for Rhema’s BIG surgery — January 20th, 2014!

Mark your calendars and let’s get to prayin’!

We’ve settled on a surgeon that is outside our current group of doctors, but feel that he has the best approach to fixing Rhema’s feet/legs.  This surgery focuses more on her feet, ankles and tendons rather than her legs i.e. tibia and fibula.  It is still highly invasive with multiple tendons being lengthened and/or transferred and a partial Talectomy of her ankle bones.  Plus, she will have post surgical casting for 6-8 weeks with external metal pins for 4 weeks until she is sedated again and they are surgically removed.  Then the last 4 weeks she will have casts to cover the wounds and allow her bones to set further.   So, this is a lengthy process, but the goal being once she is all healed up, her feet will be straight and correctly aligned for walking.

So, we are finally moving forward folks, and need your prayers…..  We are still talking things through with the surgeon to get all our questions answered; so we need wisdom for our conversations.  Also, we are always praying for all of the nursing and surgical team members to be lined up according to what’s God’s best for Rhema and for a safe/sterile environment for the procedures.

We will be posting more in January as the date draws closer, but wanted to give an update for all our amazing folks who have been praying for us.  Your prayers have been answered and we are looking forward in expectancy to see the Hand of the Lord on this whole process for Rhema!  Many thanks to all who have prayed and will continue to keep this situation lifted up.  We are blessed!