Slide In Room Nov 2013 SNAG-0001Yes, she’s learned that “supermaning” down the slide is fun too!

We moved Rhema’s slide up to her room, but she cannot really do it unattended.  She keeps slipping up the stairs and hitting her face and/or head so it stays disassembled it unless we are in the room with her.  However the slide part she still loves to play with and we came up with this as a solution for her to slide a little with out the other part being attached.  However, after a while of playing this way, Rhema looked at me and said, “I need the house…the house!”  Wow!  She know exactly what was missing to make this slide really fun!  So, I reassembled it and she was much happier.  Now we taken to hiding the whole unit in her closet and then pulling it out when we are there to help her get up and down the stairs.  One night recently she went up and down those little stairs and slid down 43 times!  Let me tell you, that little sliding princess was exhausted after that (and momma too) and slept so good that night!   It’s wonderful exercise for her and we love to see her having fun!