Sunflowers Oct 2014 SNAG-0010A Big One!

One new Fall adventure we had this year was  Sunflower picking by flash light.  Yup, you heard me –FLASH LIGHT!

So, here is how this happened…..

We did not figure in the time change and it getting darker earlier; so as the sun was going down we were just heading to the Sun Flower fields.

We were racing the sun and it was winning….

So, we arrived at the Sunflower Farm with maybe 30 minutes of light left.  I went quickly to the desk and asked them if we could go and pick a handful of sun flowers.  The lady then informed me that the “mature” flowers were across the road and down a bit rather than behind the farm house like the year before.  So, Rhema and her daddy began to wheel in the direction the lady pointed and I ran to move the van.

Now, her “pointing” did not fully reveal how FAR down the road the flower were!  Poor daddy was pushing Rhema’s tiny wheelie for a WHILE down this little, dusty country road.  I pulled past them in the van and got out to survey the landscape; this was not going to be possible in a wheelchair.  Ugh!  I did not have our handy-dandy wagon in the van.  Double Ugh!  So, as we watched the final glimmers of light fade, we were still standing there, stumped on how to get our precious girl to the flowers.

I suggested we drive the van down into the vicinity, but Daddy was concerned we would get stuck in the soft dirt.  So, before I could offer another suggestion Daddy hoisted Rhema up on his shoulders and began trekking toward the moon lit fields.   I secured her dust-covered wheelie in the van, so upset that she would not be able to really see the flowers!  These are the moments when the reality of having a mobility challenged child really saddens my heart!  It was in that moment that I remembered that I had some very bright, LED flashlights in the van.  I said a quick prayer that the batteries still worked, grabbed them and ran towards the fields.   Daddy and Rhema were already several rows into the field when I clicked on the flashlights– praise God, they worked!!!!

Rhema absolutely LOVED holding the flash light and shining it on the huge flowers surrounding her.  She would point, “Look at that over there…..over there…..”  I would triangulate her pointing and head in the direction of with my trusty scissors; at least I had remembered to bring something with which to cut the flowers.  There were some melons mixed in among the rows; so there we were, walking in the dark of night, in acres of sunflowers, on a farm void of street lights.  Our fun-o-meter was pegged at “yikes”!   But we decided it added to the adventure of it all and just stepped gingerly as we chased her little index finger’s demand for “that one!”  LOL!

So, what is the lesson here?  Any mobility challenge can be overcome with a little creativity and the WILL to level that “field of play” for your child.  Yes, even Sun Flower fields!   Oh, and secondly,  always have flashlights handy— you never know when YOU TOO might be picking sunflowers by flashlight.