Rhema had a great time at church today. She and her daddy had fun on this wonderful Father’s Day.

Like her hat? It came from Children’s hospital and is helping to keep her from scratching her incision. Everyone thought it was so cute on her! I thought she looked like a baby doll in it!

Her staples come out early Tuesday morning so we are sending a shout out early for prayer. The doc says it will not hurt her, but I’m still wary of the process. Please pray he is right and she does not have pain. Pray also that both incisions are healing well. We are anxious to see how they are doing as we have not seen the sites since we left the hospital. They admonished us not to remove the bandages unless needed or we wanted too. We felt like they are holding up well and she is less likely to focus on them if we leave them alone. 🙂

We will post more later on with updates.

Blessings to you all!