Dee-Dee is back!

Rhema will transition for the summer to a new therapist.  Mrs. Dee-Dee has not seen Rhema in a while and was pleasantly surprised to see all the progress Rhema has had since their last PT session.  It was great to see Rhema’s stamina returning from being out almost a month with the wound on her foot.  She is really beginning to get back to where she was before her little sabbatical.  We were also able to get her newly converted gait-trainer back from it’s alteration into a walker-type unit.  Unfortunately there is still some modifications needed and we still need to get her twister cable helper shoes adjusted before she can really get back to working on walking. I know it’s just part of our current reality, but I so hate that there are so many setbacks and delays to just to be able to work on WALKING!   We will have to wait another week to get the twister cables fixed and during that time I am going to continue working on a modification for the gait-trainer so it will cooperate with the belt on the cables.  We’ve got a partial fix, but it is still not where it needs to be for her to be able to just walk.  So, back to the drawing board and momma has, yet again, another opportunity to practice patience.  Insert un-happy face here….

Rhema is oblivious to all the hassle of things and just rocks along like a champ.  She is such a blessing and constant joy.  Here she is at her Therapeutic Dance Class doing the Sailboat song.  It’s so cute, they raise their little legs up in the air like they are a sailboat!  Sometime Rhema will even do it herself, almost kicking her therapist!  Sorry, Mrs. Dee-Dee if she got you! LOL! I’m just so proud that she can, on her own, lift her legs up in the air!  Yes, God is good! Amen!