June 1st Big Girl Picture Slept 19 hours prior to this picture 2014 SNAG-0006A Growth Spurt!

Rhema has grown so much lately!!! This picture was taken after she slept 15 hours, missing dinner all together one night recently!  She will tell me from time to time that she is a “big girl” and that she is growing.  I love this picture of her; it shows one of her sweetest “faces”.  Rhema has many “smiley” faces, but this is one of her faces that is just being sweet— looking at you like she could melt you with her cuteness!

We finally return to ALL of her therapies this week, so we are excited to see her getting back up walking.  Say a prayer for her as we will use her new “dancing pants” and they also want to strap her into this harness system to allow her to walk while being supported.  When she saw it last she freaked out and was not in favor of being strapped in! LOL!  So we may have to start slow with all this!

Have a blessed week and we will update her progress!