Her New Bike Has Arrived!

Rhema’s new bike was ready recently and I raced over to pick it up!  She had a wonderful time riding it all weekend while the weather was a bit warmer.  It amazes me how fast she can peddle and then she will say “fast!” and then take off even faster!  Yep, her “need for speed” exhibited by her bike riding and wanting her horse to run so she can go “fast!” has me saying she will not be allowed to drive a car until she is 30!  Oh, Lord help us when she feels a need for speed and then gets her wheelchair; watch out for your toes is all I’m going to say!

This AMBUCS bike is such an amazing tool to help strengthen her legs and provide much needed exercise for our little girl!  We are extremely blessed to have such a wonderful AMBUCS chapter here and to be able to obtain a bike for Rhema!  We turned in her baby Tryke to receive this one and pray that her original bike goes to bless another little guy or gal in our area soon.  I’m privileged to serve on the AMBUCS board and it’s is a wonderful blessing to see so many children and adults enjoying bike riding for the very first time in their lives riding on one of our bikes!  My Momma heart is happy in knowing that my child will never feel “disabled” when it comes to being able to ride a bike; riding a bike has not been robbed away from by daughter by her Spina Bifida.  Many, many thanks and blessings over the AMBUCS organization and the local folks who helped to make this happen for our precious Rhema!