This picture was taken at lunch today while we were continuing to work on our colors.  "Elmo is red.  The flower is yellow.  The stem is green. "  This sums up our conversation.  It was so very cute that she would smell the flower, I would smell the flower and then when Elmo would smell the flower she would make the "smelling" noise for him!  It was so cute!  She's so expressive!

Rhema has slept through two nights now without crying or fussing so Praise the Lord for that!  I feel she is really almost over the ear infections.  She's been fussy waking from her nap both days, but I think the cause is a "baby thing" rather than a "sickness thing".  However, I am keeping a cautious, watchful eye on everything.  Keep up your prayers for protection and complete recovery…. 

On a side note, we've got some great news with Rhema's care, but need more details before shouting it from the roof tops!  I'm trying to contain myself until I can get the full info. Keep an eye on our posts and we will reveal the AMAZING news soon!   Blessing to you all, our sweet, precious friends and family who pray….