Bike Sept 2014 SNAG-0003Finally Caught A Picture Of Her!

Most of the pictures I take of her are blurry when she’s on her bike!  LOL!  Rhema is so fast now that I literally either speed walk or job behind her, chasing her along. Daddy went along for the fun (biking is really a two person job with Rhema) and he was the bubble blower.  He would get ahead of us and blow bubbles so Rhema could ride through the orbs of fun!  It was fun to see her interact with the bubbles as we rode around.  With the weather getting cooler now, I see more bike rides in our near future.  Also, we’ve made some new friends at a local church that has a gym and they’ve offered to let Rhema ride her bike anytime she can inside their gym!  So, when it rains or is too hot or cold, Rhema can still get this much needed therapy and exercise!

We’ve unlocked the front wheel where she can turn it on her own so she is learning how to maneuver the bike herself.  This new found freedom had it’s cost last week when she turned her wheel to sharply and down the bike went.  She feel shunt-side-down onto her head which is why momma always insists she wears her helmet.  The helmet was scratched up but thank God her head was not.  She also had her first knee and hand scrape boo-boos.  I must say I was a bit proud to see these kid-related boo boos as so many of her boo-boos are medically caused — IVs, surgeries, AFO pressure sores, etc….  For her to have a play induced boo-boo was a nice change; for it not to to be a huge boo-boo was nice too.  Rhema kept talking about how she fell down (she never talked about her hand or knee hurting this is normal even if she feels pain) and just got right back on the bike to ride some more.  I told her it’s okay to fall down and she was brave to ride her bike more.  She took her cue from us and she kept right on riding.  That night, we put some ointment on her boo-boos and some non-latex LaLaloopy band-aids on her scratches and all was right with the world.  Rhema said, “it’s all better now” when I put on the band-aids.  Yup, she’s all kid; band-aids solve any problem.  LOL!

bike2 Sept 2014 SNAG-0002