Sticker's For Smiles Outreach First Doc Appt October 2013 SNAG-0004 SNAG-0000

These are the amazing stickers that were inside the cards we opened up while waiting at the doctor’s office.  We’ve got some fun stickers and are so excited to keep on collecting more as we are in waiting-mode for casting.  We will continue our Outreach through this delay and waiting period and through her casting procedures, now beginning the first week of November going through December.

The awesome thing is the stickers will now be delivered around CHRISTMAS TIME!!!  I know they will be MUCH appreciated as ALL the kids in the hospital are blessed with toys, stickers, etc… during that time.  Rhema was in the hospital during Christmas in 2011 and we got experience first hand the generosity and blessing by participate in their many Christmas activities.  Our experience at the hospital during Christmas in 2011 is what inspired us to do our annual Wagon Drive and now this Sticker Outreach.

This waiting process has been long and drawn out for us, the parents, but for Rhema, she does not know the delays and postponements–she just enjoys seeing the cards!  Some folks have even sent stickers just for her with a special note so she has enjoyed those and we’ve set the donation stickers aside.  We actually ran into Mr. Howard, one of the supervisors of Children’s volunteer program, and were able to share with him our current Outreach we have underway.  He was very encouraging and happy to see Rhema and called her the hospital’s “Poster Child”!  LOL!

What a joy it is to “bloom where your planted” and make our environment a better place where God has us right now.  It is always our desire to be a blessing and uplift the places God has us in…. this go around that “blessing” comes in the form of STICKERS!!!  How fun is that??? LOL!