Rhema Hooray Jan 2014 SNAG-0000Yahooo!

Rhema’s Outreach: Stickers for Smiles comes to a close in nine days!  We took the bulk of all the stickers we collected and donated prior to Christmas at Children’s Hospital.  We turned them in to a volunteer for the “Child Life” Department and then spoke to the director a few days later.  It was so wonderful talking to Mrs. Honey again, the director of Child LIfe Services, and she was so excited about the stickers.  The most amazing thing was right as I was calling her they were going through our box of stickers!  She shared with me that a huge lot of them had been taken to the Children’s Oncology Department to be given out to all the kids who would be getting their various cancer treatments during the month of December.  Now, if that doesn’t warm your heart then I do not know what will…. I am tearing up just thinking at our little group of folks here were able to help bring a smile to a child’s face who is facing cancer over the Christmas Holidays!  What a blessing and a honor to be a part of that!!!!  You all made that happen and for that we are forever thankful!  Ya’ll ROCK!

Now, Rhema’s surgery is scheduled for the 20th at 5:30am.  It is not too late to send a card and donate more stickers for the children at our beloved Children’s Hospital.  We’ve received more stickers and those will be carried up and given to Mrs. Honey while we are in the hospital.  So, if you wanted to send something and have not, get it on it’s way at the beginning of the week so I can arrive in time!   The address to mail to is: The Rhema Miracle P.O. Box 5702 Dothan, AL 36301.

We will open all Rhema’s cards with her and decorate her room with them while she recovers.  I’m looking forward to reading each cards sent and I know it will lift all our spirits to read them to her!  We thank all of our prayer warriors who keep us in your prayers.  We needs them.  Rhema needs them.  God is Good!  We are blessed!