Just look at that!!!  Those are the most beautiful, black tap shoes my eyes have ever seen!

Rhema’s dance class are working really hard to practice their two songs for her upcoming recital in November.  We’ve decided to incorporate the use of this gait trainer for Rhema to hold onto during the “jazz” portion of the recital.  Her therapist really does the bulk of the work; she moves Rhema’s legs and encourages her to bear her own weight and try to move her legs while standing.  Rhema LOVES the class and all during the week at home will “dance” by moving her legs while in her highchair and bopping to music she hears.  Rhema has PT therapy her whole life (even in the NICU) and it’s been wonderful to see her get stronger and stronger.  However, the BEST thing we’ve done is get her into the Therapeutic Dance class.  She is SOOOO much more aware of her extremities and wanting to move!  She REALLY enjoys the class and has learned so much about using her arms and legs, plus, she enjoys watching the other kids, who have more mobility, dance around the room.

Here is the gate trainer we may be using for the “ballet” portion of the recital.  This is a new gait trainer called a “pony” that we just began using last week.  Rhema’s PT thought this gait trainer would help keep Rhema’s posture more aligned as we continue to work on standing and stepping.  During the recital Rhema will be put in this gait trainer so her PT can concentrate on helping Rhema move her arms and her legs and not have to worry about trying to hold Rhema upright at the same time.  We think it will be a good solution and will start practicing with it during her dance class to see if our idea is plausible.  Rhema liked the “pony” because it had a picture of a horse on the side of it and when we had her strapped in, she walked all the way to visit the secretary Mrs. Linda in the front room!  Yea!  Go Rhema Go!

PS.  Another victory/surprise this week was while lunching with her Uncle Mike, Rhema said “mountain” and then did the sign/move that she had learned in her Therapeutic Dance class!  We both sat there stunned and then cheered and cheered!  She will do new things all the time!  Oh, if we could only get her to do these things DURING her dance class!  🙂