Rhema Stander April 2014 SNAG-0007Rollin’ In My PJ’s!

We’ve gotten much more adept at incorporating time in Rhema’s stander on a daily basis.  I’d been concerned to put her in it as last time we ended up in the ER getting an x-ray of her foot.  But, since her surgery, which basically reconstructed her bones in her feet to the correct position, her feet have looked great!  And now Rhema loves being in it, unlike before when she would cry while we strapped her in.  Rhema loves it and especially loves wearing her helmet!  She is so cute rolling around all over the house, standing up like a typical little kid!

For some reason, for me it’s difficult to see her in the stander.  It actually makes me feel a little sad.  I’ve had to search inside for the reason why and I think it is related to the fact that in her stander she almost looks like her typical peers.  You see, I never get to see her standing upright, running around like her cousin or the other kids at church.  So to see her standing and moving about is both exciting and sad to me; sad that she required wheels yet again to get to “appear” like her peers.  I don’t’ know if I’m explaining it right or if it even makes sense at all, but the sadness is something I work through each and every time I strap her into this stander.  I’m sure that just like every other time something has struck me sideways I will work through this sadness, nevertheless, I always want to post my process as I pray it may help other moms on their journey too.  It’s odd how strange things can impact you all of a sudden and you go back through a sadness or grieving process once again; I’ve heard it’s normal from other moms who have children with special needs.  Thank goodness that in the big and small things, my precious Jesus is with me, walking me through each moment on this journey.

It also helps that my little brave, super girl Princess Rhema is so darn cute!  In the picture below she is wearing her helmet, red beads and her pink super hero cape!  Yes, the cuteness does help put a smile on momma’s face!

In Stander Watching Storm Weather April 2014 SNAG-0000