Rhema had a great time at PT this week!  We had to miss the dance class, but we got some practice walking in our new “dancing pants.”  She, with assistance, walked from one room to another while holding on to a play grocery cart.  The PT was behind her rolling on a small stool shifting Rhema’s weight from leg to leg, Rhema held on the cart, and I rolled in front of her on a small stool saying “step, step, step….good girl!”  It’s a team effort– Team Rhema!  She did great!  No fussing, no whining, just smiles, laughs and excitement at all the cheers she was getting. After all the walking practice we wanted to see how she would do weight bearing for an extended period of time.  This was the first time we have strapped her into a “dynamic stander” so we were unsure how she would react.  She amazed us both as she again, did not fuss or whine; she just stood there like a pro!  She stood for 20 minutes; the longest period of time she has stood in her whole life!!!  Go Rhema!  While she stood I blew bubbles, which she said “bubbles” for the first time, and began to pop them as they floated by her or as I caught them on the wand.  We’ve blown bubbles before around her and she has not paid much attention to them, but she clearly articulated the word “bubbles” and began to interact for the first time ever!  Amazing!  While she stood, I began showing her that the stander would move with the wheels if she would push on them with her hands.  I would say, “where’s your wheels?” and she would put both hands on the wheels, however she would never really push on them to roll forward or backward.  I moved them for her to demonstrate what to do, but she was not into that yet.We are so very proud of our Rhema and how well she is accepting all the new things we are doing with her.  It was such a huge thing for me to see her standing upright for such a long period of time.  I guess I did not realize until today that she’s really not stood for much more than 30-45 seconds at a time and how much seeing her stand would affect me.  I was just in awe watching her experience this for the first time.

The cool thing is that we may possibly be able to borrow a dynamic stander, like the one pictured here, to take home and use.  That would make me very excited as we can then alternate between the gait trainer and the stander to give her some great weight bearing exercise all through the week.  If it does not work out to borrow one, I’ve already got some feelers out online for some used equipment; we may be able to fund raise and then purchase a used one.  But, I’m praying that we will be able to borrow it and not have the headache of having to raise additional funds on top of the funds we are already trying to raise  for the few other pieces of equipment she needs.  Nevertheless, whatever happens, our faith and trust is in the Lord to provide and bring what Rhema needs.  How blessed we are to have the Ultimate Advocate for our child!   Amen & Amen 🙂