Rhema was up three times in the night, poor kid. We are not sure if she was having bad dreams or if it’s her ears again or if it’s because of her coughing. I’ve been watching her for signs of difficulty breathing but I’ve not observed any issue there. She is coughing some but it appears like its due to a little bit of mucus that’s still seems to be upper respiratory. Either way we are now going to check her ears when she wakes up from this impromptu nap and if this sleeplessness continues we will be back at the docs to get her lungs listened to and her ears checked with their equipment.

Please continue in your prayers that Rhema can get over all this and return to her happy self and her regular schedule. Blessing to you all.

PS. If anyone is praying for the hostage situation I mentioned last night, it is still on-going at this time. The one positive to my being up and down so much last night with Rhema was I was able to pray pretty much through the night. Please continue to pray for the safe release of the child hostage and a peaceful surrender so that no more blood is shed.