Loving the Water!

Rhema is amazing us at her ability to swim!  She is kicking and even began to “doggie paddle” on her own!  Her aquatic therapy last for an hour and guys, she pretty much swims the entire time.  Rhema will rest for a few minutes and then her therapist will say, “I feel like she is getting ready to take off” and then Rhema will push up and jump/lunge back into the water.  Her therapist kept saying that she was amazed at the marked improvement between the last session and this one. At one point Rhema flipped over on her back and attempted floating for a few minutes; this was not prompted by us at all!  I’m so happy that she enjoys the water and my hope is that we can get her involved with swim teams early to help provide a life-long healthy exercise regimen that will keep her legs healthy and strong.