Happy Rhema! Happy Momma!

Each morning during the first week Rhema would wake up, crawl over and get right up to my face and softly say “let’s go swimming momma.”  Yes, that was my alarm clock!  No “beep! beep!” needed; just a little Princess that knew where she was and what the day had in store for her!  LOL!

Rhema worked so hard each day learning to kick her legs more, learning to lay on her back, learning how to maneuver in the water and understanding she can swim with her arms too.  Her biggest accomplishment that took 4 days for her to attain was to put her face in the water and blow!  Rhema woke me up that morning with the usual “lets go swimming momma” but then followed it by saying “and blow bubbles in the water!”  I asked her was she going to put her face in the water and blow to which she replied, “blow bubbles in the water…”  How cool is that!  She had to think about it for a while then decided that yes, on her 4th day of therapy she was now ready to do it!  LOL!  And she DID!  I was one proud momma to see this progress!

The first two days when I told her that swimming time was over, she cried and did not want to put on her towel.  It was so pitiful to have her sobbing as she tearfully says to the pool “bye bye water.” LOL!  By the third day I was able to get this cute picture of her wrapped up in her cute towel.