The Miracle League was given two hours of fun for all the kids at a local water park!  Rhema was all a buzz when I told her we were going to swim!  She spotted the pool as soon as we pulled up and was VERY excited!  She is wearing the recommended flotation devise that she will use during her soon coming Aqua Therapy class in July.  This was our test run with this new floaty and Rhema did AMAZINGLY well!

Rhema and I stayed in the wave pool the entire two hours!  She is fearless!  She would say “I want to crawl on the ground” so I would take her back to the shallow area and she would just crawl through the water toward the deep end.

I am so happy with the swim pants I was able to get for her to help protect her legs!  I even taped up her ankles with latex-free runner’s tape for added support.  I was so happy when she did not have a scuff or scratch on her little, sensitive legs or feet when we left!  Momma needs a pair of these awesome pants though, as it’s hard to kneel and hold her when the waves start; my poor little knees took a beating.  LOL!