Splish-Splash—- AGAIN!

Yep, this week we were back at it everyday!  Rhema showed daily improvement in her ability to move herself about the pool.

She would kick her legs more and more each day and even began to try to incorporate her arms!  We were all so proud!

Rhema would still push away from anyone who tried to hold onto her; she is quite independent in the water.

She even made up a game where she would sit on the steps, find her footing and then jump outward, off of the steps.

She has absolutely no fear, even to the point of not waiting for me to catch her when she was sitting on the side of the pool!  Yep, she just launched herself outward into the water, completely submerging herself!  With her floaty “frog” on, she popped right back out of the water and then just laughed at this new game! Oh, I was so worried, but she constantly displays her daredevil tendencies in the water much to my surprise.

Yes, this little Princess has an adventurous spirit that sometimes challenges my sense of sanity! LOL!  Momma will have to learn to roll-with-it more and take many deep breaths while rearing this little girl!  LOL!