SB Christmas Party Rhema & Santa Dec 2014 SNAG-0016The Big Guy!

We loved our time at the Spina Bifida Christmas party!  It was wonderful to see our friends that we only get to see a couple of times a year.

We even got to see Baby Eve who, at the Walk N Roll, was still in her momma’s tummy.  Baby Eve is so sweet; please say a prayer for her as with her new brain surgery she needs to be stable for 6 months to ensure she is stable.  We’ve prayed so many times for her and pray that this new, innovative procedure is successful for her.  If the surgery is successful, then Baby Eve will not require a shunt –this is huge!!!  We’d love for Rhema to not require a shunt to keep her alive.  We are thankful for the almost three years Rhema has been stable and has not required another brain surgery/new shunt.  It is a difficult way to live when your very life is dependent on a piece of plastic in your head; we’d love for this not to be Rhema’s reality her whole life.  Now, we know that the Lord is the One who sustains Rhema, but it would be nice to not have a shunt too.

I wanted to share the funny picture I took of Rhema.  Now, Rhema LOVES the idea of Santa; she talks about him all the time.  However, when we are near Santa Rhema gets very shy and sort of shuts-down.  It was so funny with this Santa that Rhema would not turn her head to look at him; she would just cut her eyes over to look at him!!!  Everyone got such a laugh out of this!!!

Santa SB Christmas Party Dec 2014 SNAG-0029