Rhema rested well; she ended up with me all night. She did wake up crying once in the night, but she settled down and I’m still not sure what was. I know she was dreaming quite a but as she talked as made lots of noises as she slept.
Her toes look a little swollen so we will put those up as much as possible today. I’m still waiting to hear back from the doctor about her casts as tightness and red marks at her thighs. My guess is we will have to just deal with it and watch them; if it’s not turning blue then I think the tightness is just going to be uncomfortable but not dangerous.
We are working on getting out of here and towards home. Pray for safety on the roads as there may be ice between here and home. Thanks for your prayers and please keep them coming. There is still a six week road ahead of us with this surgery process. We know God’s got this and out trust is in Him! Amen and amen!