Snowflake Craft Dec 2013 SNAG-0001“It has holes…”

The only “snow” we have her in lower Alabama is cotton and paper snowflakes we cut with our scissors.  So, Rhema and momma made some snowflakes out of paper!  I found a step-by-step diagram about how to fold the paper and Rhema and I practiced counting each step and followed the diagram.  Then momma cut out sections of the triangle, and viola, there was a snowflake!  Rhema loved it!  We made several large ones and some small ones too!  It was really fun to watch her process the diagram and watch momma fold each section to match the picture in the diagram.  I could see the gears turning and her processing all this information.  It was a really fun project for us and we plan on making some more in the next few days to continue decorating the door to the porch.  Fun times!