Snow at Table Jan 2014 SNAG-0005Sitting And Playing In the Snow….

This is a Post for all my SN Momma’s Out There……

Okay so here is one thing we all know, nothing comes easy when you have a child who has special needs.   Gone are the days when we can just quickly run to the store or to church or quickly do anything really…. Having a child with mobility or cognitive challenges changes EVERYTHING.  Even fun snow days or simple parties, which the ultimate goal is fun, can be challenging to have our kids included where they can fully enjoy the fun.

Again, nothing is simple…..

Here are my thoughts on our recent snow event:

  Okay, so there is no “hey grab your boots and get on out there and run around in the snow!” This is just not Rhema’s reality… nor our reality as her folks….. This saddens me each time but I’ve learned how to work through my moment of grief quickly so the experience is not robbed from me or her.  Sometimes I have to revisit the moment if I cannot settle it quick enough internally, but the more I practice this the quicker it becomes to settle. The Lord heals me each time I lift my broken heart to Him…… We are on this journey together…..

So, first of all, with Rhema’s casts this was even more of a challenge.  There is really no place she could wheel outside even if she could physically do it. With kiddos with mobility challenges you have to think of places that they can sit and play (like at a table or a seat with a tray attached) and have the “fun” brought to them.  So, that is how we handled the snow event.  We brought a warm, folding chair from inside and set it up outside on the back porch.  Transferring her from the house to the chair took at least two of us because the ice was so slippery!  We could not just walk out there and set her down easily.  Someone had to go down the steps and then make sure that someone had good footing and then the other person then handed Rhema down from the top step.  Again, the casts are huge and heavy and made this process twice as hard!  Also, we had to think about the temperature sensations; in this case we had to think about the ice.  Where there is nerve damage, there is lack of sensation; she could be sitting on ice that is burning her skin and she’d never know it.  So we blanketed her legs and waist, plus covered her toes really well too.  Then we all went around the porch and brought cups of snow to her and made small piles she could reach.  We only stayed out for short bursts of time and then when she came in we warmed her up immediately.  Rhema really did well with all the back and forth; she only cried a little out of protest of being brought back in!  LOL!

As I re-read this post, it seems really simple and a “no-brainer.”  It may not really help folks, but it may help someone.  All I know is as I approached the moment of taking her outside for the fun snow, I felt the all-to-familiar grip of “oh, my goodness…how am I going to do this?……how can I make this “snow” accessible to her?”  So, I had to scramble in my head to think about all this stuff quickly to be sure I had everything ready and safe for her so she could enjoy the snow.  I thought I would jot down my thoughts and process here for my fellow mommas.  Who knows, maybe just reading this will let someone know they are not alone…. I know that always makes me feel better when someone knows EXACTLY what I’m experiencing without me having to explain it.  The journey we are on is a different one than the majority of mommas out there….but our’s is none less important or more important.  It’s just different.  So, if you are a momma on a similar journey I hope this helps and encourages you.  There are many of us out here who daily, wake up and work our tails off to make sure that the “fun” is had by ALL.

Much Love To You,

Keeping The-Field-of-Play Level,

Rhema’s Momma