Something really funny happened at Hippo Therapy last week– Rhema fell asleep while riding!  Rhema was doing so well the whole lesson so her therapist had her riding sideways doing exercises, forwards and doing exercises and then she turned Rhema backwards for a few laps.  While Rhema was riding backwards she leaned forward (pictured above) and she rode like that for a few laps.  I watched Rhema’s head get lower and lower as the horse walked along the trail and then her head laid on top of her hands and did not come back up.  I watched Rhema for a few minutes and then asked the therapist if Rhema could have fallen asleep; it was a beautiful, sunny, breezy day and if I’d had a hammock I would have fallen asleep outside too!  We stopped the horse and lifted Rhema’s torso up and sure enough, Rhema’s eyes were closed and she was sleeping!  HOW FUNNY IS THAT!?  When we sat her up, her eyes opened and she woke up and began to ride upright again, but we thought it was so funny that she was so relaxed and comfortable she decided to take a snooze in the saddle! I thought this was so funny I had to share the story with all our dear friends and family who pray!

Rhema is really doing well with her Hippo Therapy and we can tell during her regular PT time that her torso is feeling strengthened more and more.  We are so blessed to have our local Civitans sponsoring Rhema’s therapy and a wonderful nearby Equestrian Center who loves and supports children who have special needs.  Praise the Lord for His many blessings!!! 🙂