Rhema Shopping Ear Muffs Dec 2014 SNAG-0011She LOVES the mall!

The above picture was taken before Christmas when we took Rhema to the mall to roll around one day.  She LOVES the big wide open spaces, where she can roll as fast as she wants, and she LOVES to touch everything!  LOL!  We coax her twice a day with her meds that when her snifffles are all gone that we will take her to the mall.  And since she’s seen a cooking show where they were making pretzels, she now adds, “we go to the mall and taste a pretzel!”.  LOL!  So, yes, I’m praying all her sniffles will be gone this week and we can get our little Princess to the mall!

Rhema’s eye is looking much better, even with twice a day having to pin her down to get the med eye drops in her tiny eyes.  Poor kid–the eye drops are the worst part of this sniffles; she hates the drops and we HATE having to hold her down to get them in her eyes.  It’s so traumatic for her and us!  Ugh!   The biggest problem she still has is a cough and congestion.  Here energy is great during the day and she is eating much better.  I’m praying that by mid-week she will completely over it and can get back to her regular routine.

But the BIGGEST monkey-wrench is that now momma has the sniffles.  No matter how much you tell a child not to cough or sneeze in your face, they are gonna do it and well, now momma feels terrible.  So, momma is down with sniffles and coughing for about 72 hours now.  I’m doing all the stuff ones does:  hot teas with honey, lots of fluids, and my essential oils and lozenges, but it’s a slow go.  The nights and mornings are the worst and during the day my energy is kaput.  I went out yesterday for maybe 3 hours and did some quick errands and by last night was down-for-the-count.  Today I’m very draggy feeling and energy is just not coming.  So, I’m laying low and continuing my holistic regimen.

Both Rhema and I ask for your prayers so we both can shake off this crud and get back to LIFE.  I’m getting a little cabin-fever; all this time at home is great if I had the energy to tackle all my projects, but being here, with no energy is discouraging.  Ugh!  So, thank you much for your prayers and are now BOTH looking forward to that trip to the mall and that ever-so-tasty pretzel!!!  It’s like the prize at the end of a horrible maze!  LOL!  We may even get TWO!  LOL!