Rhema is so cute in her First Dance Recital Costume!

While taking these pictures I had a vivid flashback of an event that took place back in Tennessee when we were packing up to move.  Our move from Tennessee was not by choice; the mortgage company would not work with us when our medical bills began to pile up after Rhema was born and we lost our home.  It was a very rough time:  our daughter was still medically unstable due to her hydrocephalus, we were still learning about Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, still struggling to cope with the reality of having a child with special needs, we were really just trying to keep from being swallowed up in all the turmoil.

I was boxing up Rhema’s room and found a pair of black tap shoes that someone had given me before Rhema was born.  At the time, I was so excited about the shoes and dreamed of watching my daughter dancing one day.  Holding those little black tap shoes that day in Rhema’s wreck of a room, I just wept and wept thinking of all the horrible reports we’d been told about Rhema not being able to walk, much less, dance.   My husband found me crying and I told him that we probably should sell the shoes in our  home liquidation sale; the thought of this just made me cry harder.  Here is why I love my hubby– his comment was that we should keep the shoes because it could be a reminder to us to pray, have faith and believe for Rhema’s best.

And that’s what we did!  Those little black tap shoes are safely packed up in Rhema’s boxes– ready and waiting for our Miracle Girl!

Folks, we believe in Miracles; we live with a curly headed, blue eyed one everyday!

Blessings to you all and stay arm in arm with us as we will faithfully continue to share Rhema’s Miracle journey with you, our sweet friends and family who pray!