Knoxville Trip Swim Oct 2013 SNAG-0003Swimming at 10pm?!  Where is that child’s mother? LOL!

I was there, swimming along with her!  We’d tried for days to get her into the pool for some swim therapy.  Two of the days, the pool’s heater was down and the water was frigid!  Traveling on the road is very hard on Rhema because she cannot crawl around on the hotel floors and on long trips her continence issues tend to flare up.  So, swimming is excellent movement for her legs for exercise and helps to “move” other things along too!  LOL!

She gave me a scare on this trip, because she was withholding urine too which is NOT her norm.  Currently we do not cath and I would not begin to know how to do that, so along with praying for poo-poo on this trip we were praying for pee-pee too!  I even called her urologist and they said if she is withholding it’s probably due to constipation issues, which we know she, on most days, has.  So we doubled up her oral medications and yes, we went swimming at 10pm for 30 minutes one night!  To Rhema it’s only fun and she has a blast, but to momma, it’s providing the much needed exercise she was lacking and also, hopefully, helping to “move” things along which avoids a hospital run and potential shunt complications.  Sigh, a day in the life of a precious girl who has spinal cord injury and a momma who is doing all she knows to do to keep her safe and healthy.