Rhema’s first trip to a REAL playground was fun! She’s “played” on the one at Children’s Hospital, but I don’t count that… 🙂  It was so very hot, so we only stayed a short while, but she did enjoy the slide a bit.  Her daddy would get on one side and hold her hand, I got on the other side and hold her other hand and then we would slide her down gently.  She was pretty nervous, but after a few times she seemed to relax.  We thought she would be more active, as she would point to the slides and say “SLIDE!”, but alas, she is not a “slider” yet.  Ha ha ha!  I’m sure soon, when the weather gets cooler we can take her back for another try, maybe by then she will be more receptive.  Even though she was timid, we still enjoyed showing her all the fun things at the playground and watched the other children playing.  It was a fun, first time visit!