Where’s Rhema?

There she is!

We spent several hours this morning playing Peek-a-bo!  Rhema did eat some breakfast and drink some juice and played really hard with us upstairs.  For lunch she would not eat much and was very fussy and sneezed a lot again.  She took her meds so for right now it’s a waiting game to see how she progresses with both these infections.  Her shunt is still puffy at times with excess fluid and then other times is flat and normal; we are holding on to that appointment next week in case we need to take her for a scan.  Really there is not much to report other than she IS eating some more and on a roller coaster of feeling fine and then later on she gets fussy.  Please continue to pray that her body can fight this horrible stuff and that the infection does not get worse.  Please pray that she will eat and drink some more so we can keep her strength up.  Thank you all for your prayers for our girl and we will keep you all up to speed on things here.

Two more pictures from earlier today of Momma and Rhema being funny!

Rhema loves the reverse setting on our camera where she can see herself!