1st Glow Stick Bath1 July 2014 SNAG-0000A Glow Stick Bath!

What’s that in the bath with Rhema?

I can hardly see anything by the light of the glow sticks…..

I’m hearing giggles and splashes……

I’m seeing the faint outline of something in the bath with her……

Hmmmmmm….. what could it be?????

1st Glow Stick Bath1 & DragonJuly 2014 SNAG-0037Don’t You Bathe With YOUR Dragon?

Ahhhhh!!! It’s a fire breathing DRAGON!

Watch out Elmo!!!


Well, at least the Dragon will be clean too…. I hate a smelly Dragon….

Yes, Bath Time got taken to a whole-nother-level on this day!

Thanks Aunt Cha Cha and Sanako for the Dragon friend!  He is enjoying his time at our house!