The Shriner’s Lobby Was Amazing!

Rarah, I see a Jungle!

We took Rhema to Shriner’s Hospital recently to meet two new specialist.  We were so pleased that Rhema’s Aunt Rarah was able to get away for the day and come over for a visit.  Rhema was SO EXCITED to see her Aunt and we got to spend most of the day with her while at the hospital.

Aunt Rarah read every book in our little hospital room to Rhema!

The Shriner’s visit was a good one.  We were so very blessed to add one team member to Rhema’s Team of Specialist– A Bowel Management Specialist.  We have needed to have a Specialist to help us navigate all Rhema’s bowel issues and thus far, we’ve not had anyone really to go to for help.  Let me share with you how the Lord provided in a BIG way our newest Team Member.

Way back in November of 2011 was when all this began.  We had just lost our home to foreclosure, sold or given away over half of our belongings in efforts to downsize and pay off medical bills and had only been back in Alabama and moved in with my family for maybe a week.  It was a ROUGH time and to be honest, I was really messed up and pretty depressed over all the loss we’d just experienced.  There was a conference at Children’s on Spina Bifida and being that we were still VERY new at all this I decided to attend.  It was my first (and only) night away from Rhema but I was able to meet and hear from 3 out of 4 of her new Specialist.  There was one lady who spoke about the continence issues associated with Spina Bifida; most of what she said really went straight over my head.  However, even with all the information that was scary to me at that time, she made it all seem less daunting and so I kept her card for future reference.

Long story short, the Shriner’s hospital we visited was THIS lady’s hospital!  I called to see if we could be added to her schedule and found out that not only is she retiring, but her last day was the very day we were scheduled for an appointment!  And she was there only for a half day and due to Rhema’s appointment being rescheduled by the Shriners over a month prior, we would be able to see her!  They were able to add us to her case load and we had around 45 minutes with her!  Plus, she introduced us to the lady she had groomed to take her place!  It was wonderful to see her again and both she and the new specialist agreed to be on Rhema’s Team!  We are SO VERY BLESSED to have had this time with her, and her 30+ years of field experience.   Together we designed a beginning bowel program for Rhema and they even gave us some equipment to take home.  We are so very excited to have them as a resource and look forward to getting Rhema on track with a good program!

We also met with an orthopedic specialist, who gave us some good information that we are still working through.  There is so much going on right now with Rhema’s care; decision to be made, courses to set, etc…. Please, we covet your prayers as our one desire is to be good stewards of Rhema’s life and to make the BEST choices possible on her behalf.  Thank you for always lifting our little family up before the Lord!  YOU are one of the best Team Members we have, precious prayer warrior!  Keep it up!