Cookies For Our Clinic Friends

On clinic days we’ve begun a tradition of bringing cookies for our friends.  It is a LONG day for both patient and physician, so we saw the need for a pick-me-up—–enter, COOKIES!  We always share with the front desk ladies, who are always so kind when checking us in and getting all our necessary paperwork ready, as well as all the various social workers and medical specialist.  It is a joy to bring a little smile to the faces of the folks who assist with Rhema’s health and well-being.  Again, bloomin’ where we are planted. (smile)

Also, if you notices the candle and the card centered above, we wanted to participate in a memorial service for a precious little girl who went to be with Jesus.  A precious little girl, Nalia of Nalia’s Heart, went to be with Jesus and her momma asked those who have been praying for her to light a candle on the day of her memorial service.  The service was held during our clinic day, so we got a flame-less candle and card to put in a place of honor in our clinic room.  We wanted to participate and pray even in the midst of our busy day.  We will send the card off to Nalia’s momma to be an encouragement.  Just seeing the candle was  a sobering reminder to me of how blessed I am to have my Rhema even with all the medical and therapy appointments. There are mommas nearby who are grieving over the loss of their little-ones.  Oh, Jesus, we pray and remind you of your faithful promise that you can bind-up the broken hearted.  Help those mommas, dear Jesus, Amen.